Meet Our Co-Directors

Act It Out Community Interest Company is proudly run by a mother and daughter team, Jill and Hannah. Although working together can have the odd negative when we have to remind ourselves to stop talking business, the positives far out weigh this as anyone who has witnessed our work together can testify! 

We take pride in all our work, being able to adapt to any situation and bring numerous different talents and experiences to the company so please see our individual biographies to learn a bit more about us. We're a strong duo who pull on multiple different life experiences to help aid our work in schools and communities a like. 

Depending on the project, performance or workshop, we may also bring in other professional colleagues and we're lucky to have built up some great contacts and connections with over 50 years of combined experience in the performance and education field! 

Both our directors hold valid DBS licences and Jill is our qualified emergency first aider.